Hello 👋🏻

I'm Seth, Welcome to my home to my online home!

I've spent the last 10 years working in Defense/Government and Enterprise IT.

Outside of my day job as a project manager, I'm a No-Code /Visual Developer who loves product management and understanding customer's needs. I enjoy building my own products and validating business ideas.

I validate problems people have and build online products for them that solve their specific problems.
I am a student of life and enjoy building products.

No-Code El Paso Meetup

I started No-Code El Paso Meetup in February 2020 to expand No-Code education in the Borderland. If you’ve wanted to build an app, launch a startup, or simply express an idea on the web – but you’re not an engineer and you don’t know how to code, This is for you. This a free event and open forum/introduction for beginners or anyone interested in learning what the No-Code Movement is all about.
Check it out! NoCode El Paso

Products I Built🚀

Since 2018, I have been building and shipping online products that I enjoy using no-code tools. It has been a amazing opportunity so far and I have learned so much through building in public on twitter.

Check out some of my products 👇🏻


A Searchable private database of 200+ FREE Product Management Learning Resources to help aspiring PM's and founders.

  • Launched on Gumroad / Twitter in December 2020 with 15 paying customers & 50 email subscribers

  • Post launched on _Product Hunt_ with over 100 upvotes.

EDM Gems

A growing searchable database with hundreds of curated and hand-picked FREE Electronic Music Production Resources for New or Seasoned producers.


Podcast Appearances 🎙

No-Code CEO/ Not boring business Podcast