Hi, I'm Seth

Welcome to my online home!

Im a advocate for No-Code & Low-Code since 2018. I enjoy solving problems and building online SaaS products/apps without code.

I'm currently a Enterprise Project Manager by day, and building online products/businesses on the side for now. I provide online services like Website Design / Development, Business Process Automation Consulting, and Custom Web/Mobile App Development for startups and Small to Medium-sized businesses (SMB) in El paso, TX and Remote U.S.A.

About me

I started my career by serving 5 years on active duty as an enlisted soldier in the U.S Army. I exited in 2012 and have spent the last 10 years working in the Enterprise public sector as a government contractor supporting federal customers across many domains including supply chain, systems engineering, procurement, and now project management.

I have always been somewhat tech savvy but have been in corporate life most of my career. But the last few years outside of my day job, I have embarked on a quest that has led me to learn a new way of thinking and mindset about how to use my skills as a creator and maker to create value in this world we call the "internet". I have learned about Product Management, Marketing, Startups, Software, and Technology by meeting other people and taking action through failure and success of building online products.

Early Career

My time in the military gave me the opportunity to travel at a young age and experience diversity, perspective, and ownership of my own thoughts. I lived in South Korea for 1 year at the age of 19. It was eye opening and it opened my curiosity to a world of thinking about, "why do people do what they do"?


I exited the military in 2012, and thought that college and a normal job was the path that I should take like most people so I did that. I have been successful and blessed in that route but the real opportunity that I saw was in 2015 when I started learning and thinking about tech, software, startups. I was intrigued by how people were solving their pains with software. I soon found this thing called "No-Code" , and saw that many were building successful startups without code. I was hooked and haven't looked back.

Products I built 🛠💻


A Searchable database of 300+ FREE Product Management Learning Resources to help aspiring PM's.

  • Launched on Gumroad / Twitter in December 2020 with 15 paying customers & 50 email subscribers

  • Post launched on _Product Hunt_ with over 100 upvotes.


Freelance web development & design

Improved marketing and re-designed a local HVAC businesses' website from WordPress to Webflow.

EDM Gems

A growing searchable database with hundreds of curated and hand-picked FREE Electronic Music Production Resources for New or Seasoned producers.

No-Code Meetup - El Paso, TX

I started No-Code El Paso Meetup in February 2020 to expand No-Code education in the Borderland.


Podcast Appearances 🎙

No-Code CEO/ Not boring business Podcast

My NoCode Story