Hello 👋🏻

I'm Seth, Welcome to my online home!

I've spent the last 10 years working in Defense/Government and Enterprise IT.

Outside of my day job as a project manager, I'm a No-Code /Visual Developer who loves to build products and apps without code.

I am a student of life and enjoy learning and contributing to the future of democratizing software development. Im an avid Product Management Enthusiast and enjoy talking to people to find out different types of problems they have online.

No-Code El Paso Meetup

I started No-Code El Paso Meetup in February 2020 to expand No-Code education in the Borderland. If you’ve wanted to build an app, launch a startup, or simply express an idea on the web – but you’re not an engineer and you don’t know how to code, This is for you. This a free event and open forum/introduction for beginners or anyone interested in learning what the No-Code Movement is all about.
Check it out! NoCode El Paso

Products I Built🚀

Since 2018, I have been building and shipping online products that I enjoy using no-code tools. It has been a amazing opportunity so far and I have learned so much through building in public on twitter.

Check out some of my products 👇🏻


A Searchable private database of 200+ FREE Product Management Learning Resources to help aspiring PM's and founders.

  • Launched on Gumroad / Twitter in December 2020 with 15 paying customers & 50 email subscribers

  • Post launched on _Product Hunt_ with over 100 upvotes.

EDM Gems

A growing searchable database with hundreds of curated and hand-picked FREE Electronic Music Production Resources for New or Seasoned producers.


Podcast Appearances 🎙

No-Code CEO/ Not boring business Podcast